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Soccer, it’s my favorite sport. I love just to drive towards the net and shoot and get a goal… well sometimes get a goal. My favorite position is forward. The feeling of running with the ball, deaking around people and doing some fancy footwork to get around that D-fence, and then kicking it as a hard as I can!

Most weekends I go to my school field to practice my soccer skills with my dad. My dad played soccer when he was younger too so he knows a lot, he was very good, and he still is. He teaches me a lot. My dad taught me most of my skills. He says I’m a very good soccer player. I tried out for a select rep team which is like one or two levels down from an intense rep team.

I didn’t make it though it was mostly just because most of the girls that made it had there dad or mom as a judge person so they had to make it. So it was pretty weird…

The team I was on for soccer this year was really good though, we only lost one game, and only by one goal! But last season I was on a team that had three rep players on it, we never lost, not even I tie. That was the best team I’ve ever been on! The rep players didn’t just do all the work though everyone else on the team was good too. We also had a very good coach, he has been my coach for a lot of seasons. Just not this one, this season was a big mix up. But I was still on a good team.Soccer is my favorite sport ever!

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  2. Great job i like soccer too. I also like running down the field and juking people. How long have you been playing? Great blog i am excited for more blogs from you.:)

  3. Hi my name is Joccelyne I love soccer it is my favorite sport . It suks that I am on a all boys team and I am the only girl. I have been playing for 7 years

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