Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 7

Chapter.7         “A Royal Invitation”

The morning was silent, The only noise they could hear was the brush of the leaves as the cool morning breeze swept by the enchanted forest tree’s.

“Burr.. what a cold breeze this is, eh?” Oliver whispered. “Ya, hopefully it calms down. Hey Oliver we should really go and get some breakfast, I’m pretty hungry what about you?” Asked Twilly. “Ya I’m hungry too. Come on you guys lets all get up and look for food and water for breakfast.” said Oliver.

So Pip and Gus both got up too. “Hey you guys why don’t we just go back to that spot with the river and berry bushes!” Twilly mentioned. “Alright lets go!” Pip agreed. So they all walked until they got to that one wonderful, fish filled river with the delightful berry bushes off aside the river. Once they all had their fill on food they started to walk back.

They were all quiet and filled with fear no one knew when the war was going to hit and how hard it was going to be. Once they got back from the river the army and all the others in the forest were dead silent, “Hey you! brave mouse, why is everyone so quiet?” asked Gus. “Just listen. You’ll find out.

Booom…. Boooom…. Booooom.  “You hear that?” asked the mouse, “that is the sound of Elarmias giant’s. That is the great evil army that is coming for us.. right now.” “Oh my gosh..” Gus said quietly,”you really have to watch out for the giants they will throw rocks boulders and anything else at you, they will also try and step on you.” Continued the mouse. “Step on us!?” Pip said trying to hide the fright in her voice. “Yes so watch out my friends this war is going to be a big one.” The young mouse finished and slowly pattered away, leaving the group swarming with questions.

” hey, where did Oliver go?” Twilly asked. “I don’t really know.” Gus answered as he scanned the perimeter of the kingdom. “No sign of him, oh wait there he is over there! He’s talking to king Munchie,” Shreaked Gus. “what is he doing over there?” Twilly’s mind drowned in questions, when suddenly Oliver comes leaping over back to him.

“Why were you talking to king Munchie?” Pip asked right at the moment Oliver arrived back. “Oh, the pudgy little king invited me to tea with him and the other knights, you know just to discuss strategies for the war to come, while we sip on a bit of well made willow tree tea, the finest in the kingdom.” Oliver said quite happily.

Twilly looked at Oliver blankly, “Well can Me, Pip, and Gus come?” Twilly asked anxiously. “No, of course not! Only the finest, most well trained Knights can go. Sorry young chap.” Twilly stared at Oliver with disappointment. “Oh okay, the three of us will just stay behind then. “When is the tea party at?” Pip curiously asked.

“It is at four thirty, and I think it is three now” Oliver said. “And it is inside the White Willow Palace, it is going to be lovely, aside from the war part and such.” Said Oliver.

“Well hope the tea is good, I have never tried tea before… is it good?” Twilly asked. “It is quite good especially the kind I will be having; Willow Tree tea, it is made from the bark of a willow tree and the leaves from a willow tree. It is the best of all!” Oliver bragged. “Oh well have fun at your tea party, tell us the strategies that we will be using for the war,” Pip quietly said. “I will, okay well I should be on my way now it is almost four fifteen, early is always good.”

To be continued…

Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 6

Chapter.6          “Waiting on the Edge of a War”

“Pip!” Oliver yelled with excitement. “I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are yuh mate?” Oliver asked. “Well I’m great, but you know I have been spending most of my time help look for you with young Twilly and Gus here.”

“You came all this way to look for me, mate?” asked Oliver to Twilly, “Ya I did you are the only friend I have ever had so I wanted to look for you because I got worried, but along the way I met some new friends too, Gus a clumsy eagle and Pip a smarty pants bug.”

“Well since your here, would you like to help with the war that is coming, queen Elarmia is gong to be here any day, this whole forest is waiting on the edge of a war. Her army is filled with rats and the odd raven, so you might want to watch out” Oliver warned.

“Ya looks like you need us the only animals here that are helping are mice, some rabbits, about 20 eagles, and you, so I think that if we helped then we might be able to defeat queen Elarmia.” Twilly answered

“So Oliver why was this war started in the first place?” Asked Gus, “Well Elarmia is a snake and king Munchie is a mouse so one day Elarmia tried to kill, and eat little Munchie. But Munchie was much smarter then most mice and he also had a sword, so right then he flung out his sharp and shiny sword and sliced out her right eye, so now she has become a queen and made a big enough army to try and slaughter poor old king Munchie.” Said Oliver as he finally finished.

“Wow! all this is over an eye!”giggled Twilly, “That is silly!” Gus laughed. “I know it’s silly mate, but some things happen over silly reasons, and queen Elarmia knows how to hold a grudge, ahaha” laughed Oliver.

“Ok enough with the stories you guys we all need our rest if we’re all going to be attending the war. And for all we know it could be tomorrow so lets catch up on our sleep” Pip commanded. So everyone, including the mouse army all fell asleep peacefully.

As soon as sun rise came and glistened through the willow tree’s magical branches mostly everyone awakend. The morning came fast, the sun rose early that morning. When they all woke up the tree’s and grass were all filled with due and that made the willow tree’s sparkle in the rising suns rays.

“What a warm night that was, I slept great!” Said Oliver to Twilly “Yea so did I, but I was a bit home sick you could say but I’ll get over it.” answered Twilly sadly. The whole forest seemed worried and scared, even the brave army seemed worried. Twilly was looking around at everyone from Twilly’s point of view even Oliver looked a bit scared. The whole kingdom was waiting on the edge of a huge war, and for some that is always the scariest part.

To be continued…

Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 5

Chapter 5             “Finding King Munchies Palace”

“Gurgle, Gurgle, Pop!” “Do you hear that? That’s my stomach talking. Oh my gosh I’m starving wheres all the food!?” asked Twilly, “Yea, I’m hungry too” complained Gus. “Oh! stop your wining and sniffling! we’ll find food just be quiet, I’m hungry too.” Yelled Pip. “Yea but you can just go eat some leaves or some kind of plant, your a bug!” Twilly yelled back.

“Hey! Twilly I see a river and there’s a berry bush!” yelled Gus down to Twilly and Pip. “Yay! lets go!” shouted Twilly. So Pip and Twilly ran and followed Gus to the river. Twilly sat down and ate the berries off the berry bush, Gus flew down to the river to catch a fish, and Pip hopped up on a leafy tree and ate the lush green leaves.

“Got one! and he’s a big’in too!” Yelled Gus as he flew down on to the grass to pick at his price catch, it was a big pink salmon, and Gus ate the whole thing in about five minuets, all that was left was the skinny unappetizing fish bones. “Alright fellas lets start walking again I think you have had your fill on food and water, and so have I.

Twilly, Gus, and Pip walked fast and slow, until they found the kings beautiful, white willow tree palace. “There it is! King munchies Palace!” yelled Twilly with excitement. They all walked closer and looking around as they walked to see if they could find Oliver steed, but all they could see were a bunch of mice dressed in armor.

“Where is Oliver? does anyone see him?” asked Twilly. “No I don’t see him anywhere, How about you Gus!?” asked Pip, “Nope, I don’t see anything– Oh wait, I see something, and it kind of looks like a Possum…” answered Gus.

“Yay! we have found him!” yelled Twilly as he ran towards the palace. As Twilly got closer he saw that the possum WAS Oliver, “Oliver! Hey!” Twilly shouted. “Oh my lad! what in the world are you doing here there is an evil army coming, you can’t stay it is too dangerous!” said the heroic Oliver Steed.

“No Oliver you don’t understand I came here with a clumsy eagle named Gus, and a smarty pants bug named Pip, we have come to help you! we want to help protect the king from queen Elarmia!” As Oliver and Twilly were talking Pip and Gus came over. “Nice to see you again Oliver!” said Pip.

To be continued…

Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 4

Chapter 4           “The Long Journey”

Twilly stood there with a worried look on his face. “We have to go to Willow tree wood and help them fight! who knows whats in that army, evil plus army doesn’t always go well” said Twilly. “If you really would like to go help your friend then I could guide you to willow tree wood, if yuh like” suggested Pip, “that would be great.”

So Gus, Twilly, and Pip walked further and further, it was hard for Twilly to see Pip because of how small he was but he managed to keep track of him. Pip would lead the way, Twilly would follow, and Gus would be flying up in the sky watching where Twilly was going. “How far is Willow tree wood from here?” asked Twilly. “It is still pretty far from here but we must keep going if we want to get there by tomorrow” answered Pip.

Twilly was starting to get tired now but they kept walking, they walked through small swamps and through long, and short grass. “Can we top for a rest?” asked Gus as he flew down and perched on a branch that was close to the ground.

“Ok fine but only for a little bit, we must keep walking” said Pip. About three minuets later Pip said “Come on that should be long enough!” “Oh, alright, lets go.” So Gus flew up to the sky again, and Twilly started to follow Pip. “Hey! you guys, I see something!” Yelled Gus, “Yup, that is Willow Tree Wood, we’re here.”

“Finally!” yelled Twilly filled with relief. “Now lets go find Oliver, He is probably Somewhere near King munchies Palace, wich is a beautiful snow white, willow tree” said Pip. “It took one whole day to get here and I’m tired! can we break again for a bit and go find some water and food?” asked Twilly.

“Alright, alright, lets go find some food and water” Agreed Pip. So they walked through the wonderful, willow tree filled forest together to find some berries or some other type of food.

To be continued…

Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 3

Chapter. 3      “Meeting Gus and Pip”

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” asked Twilly staring down at the eagle with a funny look on his face. “Ouch! my head, and my wings, and my back, and wow ouch, just my everything.” complained the eagle.

“well I’m sure everything DOES hurt, you just fell from the top of a tree and a branch landed on you, actually I’m just surprised your alive!” Twilly said. ” Oh and I forgot to introduce my self My name is Twilly whats yours?” Twilly asked as the eagle slowly tried to stand up. “Well, my name is Gus and as you can see I am very clumsy and I am not very good at flying.”

“So Twilly what are you doing out so far away from the deep part of the woods? I barely ever see animals this far out of the forest.” asked Gus. “well I’m looking for my best friend Oliver, he’s a little gray possum with a Australian accent. Have you by any chance seen him Gus?”

” Nope haven’t seen any sign of life in these parts for a few days. But I can help you look for him I could fly into the sky and look from above and you could stay on the ground and look for him.” suggested Gus. ” that would be so much help, would you?”

“Yea” answered Gus to Twilly. “So Twilly how do you know where to look?” Asked Gus. “Oh, well uh, I don’t really know where to go. I have just bee running and calling out Oliver! Oliver! everywhere I run.”

“Eh! did you just say Oliver!?” asked a high pitched squeaky voice. “Ya, I did, and who ever is talking, um where are you?” asked Twilly confused. “Just look down at your left foot!” Twilly looked down at his foot and there was a small green bug that was shaped like a leaf, but a very small leaf. “uh hi little bug, do you know Oliver steed?”

“Oh yea who doesn’t know that young chap, he travels everywhere I actually talked to him this morning he said he was going to that forest called Willow tree wood a little ways away from this forest, he was going to help protect their king from the evil army of queen Elarmia, oh and by the way my name is Pip.” said the bug finally finishing.

To be continued…

Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 2

Chapter.2     “Wheres Oliver?”

On and on Oliver and Twilly walked and on and on Oliver talked about his adventures.

” Well,” said Oliver, ” This has been fun but I’m sorry mate, I must go collect some food for me’ family, but no worries. I come to this spot every morning mate, see you tomorrow, maybe”.

“Alright”, Twilly answered sadly. “I think I should go too, I should really get back to my momma. Goodbye Oliver see you soon hopefully!” and off Oliver steed ran.

The next morning Twilly got up as early as the last and went back to the exact mossy, lush, wonderful spot where Oliver said he would be, but, no Oliver. Twilly waited a bit longer, but still no Oliver. The longer and longer he waited the more bored Twily got and the more he started to think where Oliver could be. As most people would Twilly thought the worst, so Twilly started sniffing around and slowly tip tow through the dim, sparkly, mysterious, enchanted forest.

” Oliver! Oliver!” Twilly started calling, then he would listen very closely, but still no answer. Twilly walked and walked and running sometimes when suddenly he heard, ” Twilly! come home now!” it was little Twilly’s mother, ” oh no I can’t go home without finding Oliver he’s one of my best, and only friends.” Twilly said to himself. So Twilly did something he had never done before he disobeyed is mother and ran as far away as he could until he lost his breath.

The Further up Twilly walked the more he started to regret it.  when suddenly came to a dead stop. He smelt something and then heard something, it wasn’t a possum smell is was more like a bird smell. Just then a high pitched noise echoed into the forest and off the trees “SCREECH!” it did it again, ” what is that?” Twilly asked himself. “Crack!” Twilly looked behind him and saw a large branch and something else fall from the top of a tall enchanted tree.

Twilly slowly and cautiously walked over to the strange and noisy thing that fell out of the tree. At first he was a bit nervous because he had no idea what the thing was that fell down from the tree tops. Twilly finally got close enough to see what the thing was and it turned out it was just a young foolish eagle that had just left it’s nest to go off on it’s own and it fell out of the tree.

To be continued…

Enchanted Woodland, Chapter 1

Chapter.1    “Oliver Steed”

Once upon a time in a creaky squeeky wood, there lived a young black bear, his name was Twilly. The creeky, squeeky forest Twilly lived in was called Enchanted woodland. This forest wasn’t any ordinary forest this forest was very special, it was also very secret the only living things that knew about it were the animals and plants that lived in it.

One morning just when the sun was coming up and when you could see the sparkles of the sun rays peeking through the lush green leaves of the enchanted tree’s, Twilly was quietly, and softly tip towing through the mossy forest floor. Twilly was trying to be as quiet as possible so he would not awake any peaceful sleeping animals.

As Twilly was walking he heard a rustle from afar, Twilly started to walk a bit faster. The rustle got louder and louder so Twilly started to walk faster and faster and eventually he was running.

Suddenly the thing that was making all the ruckus popped out of the bushes. “Ello!” said a strange Australian voice. Twilly stopped running and slowly looked down at his feet. And there, right infront of him was a small possum. “uh, hi” answered Twilly. “Nice morning for a stroll aint it?”, “ya it IS nice isn’t it” Answered Twilly Cautiously.

“uh, my name is Twilly and I live here in this forest, what’s your name?” ” Well, my name is Steed, Oliver Steed, but just call me Oliver mate, and I also live in this mysterious enchanted forest” said the strange possum.

Twilly and Oliver walked, and talked for hours, they started to learn, and get to know each other more and more. Oliver talked about all of his exciting adventures in Australia and all about his old friends he had there and how he wrestled a crocodile.

Oliver was a very adventurous little possum he did, or tried anything he put his mind to. While Twilly and Oliver were walking and talking Twilly didn’t say much he mostly just listened but it was fun. Twilly got to hear so many exciting stories from Oliver.

To be Continued…

The White Rabbit

ANGEL ERICINWALESOne sunny day in a enchanted, secret, forest that was a little ways away from another enchanted forest called Enchanted Woodland. But the secret forest this story takes place in is called Willow Tree Wood. There was a white rabbit, this little bunnies name was Theodor, little Theo had no friends except for his only friend Potato, he was a little black rabbit they were best friends. But  everyone else in the forest thought Theodor was a little wimpy bunny but secretly he was heroic! Theodor worked for the king of the forest, the kings name was king Munchy. King Munchy was a very fat gray mouse. All he did was sit in the prettiest willow tree in the forest  eat, and eat, and eat. That is where king Munchy got his name cause he always had the munchies. It wasn’t the kings fault though, king Munchy got a spell cast on him by a snake witch right when he became king.

On a cold blustery day Theodor was guarding king munchies willow tree palace when a army of worms came and started throwing pebbles at the willow tree trying to hit the king out of his palace, this is when Theo shined. Theo took out his biggest pointiest stick he had and wiped out all the worms from the worm army. Theo got rewarded for his bravery against the worms, so he got a medal of honor. He was the best guard the king had ever had. Theo got a day off from working for the king just for one day, but on that one day Theo decided to tell everyone in the forest he was the heroic guard that worked for the king. After that Theodor was the second most famous animal in the forest, Theodor had lots of friends now and he lived happily ever after.

My Around the World Road Trip

I recently wrote a post on where I want to go when I’m older and this post is about how I am going to get to those places. When I grow up and get a job and my own money I am going to buy a old fashion hippie van. After all I but that one of my best friends  and I are going on a road trip to Paris, Greece, Egypt and a bunch of other places around the world.

On our road trip we are going to visit theme parks, museums, ancient artifacts, and so much more.  When we go on our road trip My friend and I are going to buy little cute puppies to take with us I am going to buy a little Chiwawa puppy but I don’t know what my friend is going to get maybe we will just have one dog. So I partly can’t wait till I am older and I partly can totally wait.